Joint Care for Your Dog

Bertie, owned by Jackie Gardner

Joint Supplements – Does my dog need one?

The answer to this may be simple if for example you have an elderly dog, then yes a joint supplement will definitely be of benefit. What about the rest of us with healthy fit animals?

The answer is in most cases feeding a joint supplement is probably not necessary, but there are situations where feeding a joint supplement can be considered a wise investment. Working dogs who are more active and put their joints under more strain than normal would be an example where feeding a joint supplement may be of benefit.

A technical article on joint supplements written by our veterinary surgeons is available from one of our team. Please ring our VetSpec Helpline on 01845 565 630 and request your copy today.

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula is our highly successful Omega-3 Joint Mobility Supplement and VetSpec Healthy Dog Adult Formula combined to make one unique Veterinary Specification, Cereal-grain-free Super Premium dog food. The formula is rich in DHA and EPA (Omega-3s), glucosamine and chondroitin at levels only normally found in veterinary grade nutritional supplements. Omega-3 Joint Mobility Formula is ideal to provide nutritional support for dogs with poor mobility or those which are in hard work e.g. Dog Agility or Gun Dogs.

Ideal for:

  • Dogs with poor mobility
  • Dogs in hard physical work
  • Elderly dogs
  • Dogs being treated by a veterinary surgeon
  • Dogs recovering from orthopaedic operations
  • Nutritional support following skeletal injury

VetSpec Joint Mobility

VetSpec Joint Mobility is a highly specified canine supplement ideal for all dogs to support joint flexibility and aid the natural anti-inflammatory process. It is specially formulated by experienced nutritionists with scientifically proven ingredients including Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and Anti-oxidants.

Ideal for:

  • Dogs with poor mobility
  • Older dogs (also see VetSpec Senior)
  • Dogs in hard physical work
  • Following skeletal injury
  • Recovery from limb and pelvicoperations

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility + Gravy

VetSpec Omega-3 Joint Mobility + Gravy provides a high level of active ingredients to optimise joint health and flexibility. These scientifically proven ingredients include generous levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, along with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and anti-oxidants.

It has been specially designed to produce a delicious gravy when mixed with warm water, which can be poured over your dog's food. Extensive palatability trials have been enormously successful when mixed with either dry or wet food, tempting even the pickiest feeders to enjoy their meal and joint supplement.

Ideal for

  • Elderly dogs with poor mobility
  • Dogs following skeletal injury
  • Dogs recovering from orthopaedicsurgery
  • Fit and active dogs in hard physicalexercise