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NEW Summer Offer

Buy a 12kg bag of VetSpec and get a pitpat dog activity monitor for HALF PRICE £19.50!

Keep your dog Fit & Healthy with VetSpec SuperLite and the pitpat activity monitor

VetSpec SuperLite Low-Calorie Formula and VetSpec SuperLite Senior Formula contain 20% LESS CALORIES than normal dog food and are designed to help you keep your dog fit and healthy by controlling its weight.

Over 51% of all dogs are over-weight or obese and research shows that these dogs live up to two years shorter than fit healthy dogs of the same breed or type.

As well as a loss of ‘general quality of life’, obese dogs suffer from similar problems to over-weight humans including diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Managing these health issues is a significant extra cost to you the dog owner, particularly as your dog gets older.

An independent clinical trial carried out by veterinary surgeons has demonstrated that 84% of over-weight dogs reached their ideal target weight in an average of twelve weeks when fed VetSpec SuperLite dog foods.

Importantly the volume of SuperLite food needed to achieve this is the same as normal dog food which has 20% more calories. The reduction in energy density achieved by innovative formulation and manufacturing techniques ensures that your dog does not feel as hungry as with traditional weight loss products.

As in human weight management, regular exercise is an important component in keeping your dog fit, healthy and within the right weight range for its breed and sex.

The use of wearable activity monitors has seen a dramatic growth in the human sector in the past few years and now dog activity monitors are available so you can objectively measure how much energy your dog has expended each day and how far it has moved and steps it has taken.

Trial data shows that dog owners that use activity monitors in addition to dietary foods have much more success in controlling their dog’s weight and thus extending their health and wellbeing into old age.

VetSpec and pitpat have now joined forces to keep your dog Fit & Healthy.


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