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The VetSpec Philosophy

VetSpec is owned by experienced nutritionists whose aim is to achieve excellence in every aspect of canine nutrition from selection of the highest quality ingredients, creating innovative, excellent formulae, manufacturing to the highest European standards and providing comprehensive nutritional advice to clients.

The NEW hypoallergenic cereal-grain-free VetSpec range of Super-Premium complete dog foods has been developed at our Middle Park Research Unit in North Yorkshire by our team of veterinary surgeons and nutritionists.

The formulations incorporate findings from the latest international research carried out at universities and other associated facilities around the world. This research is integrated with traditional knowledge and the resulting formulae are expertly balanced by our experienced nutritionists.

This investment in nutritional Research and Development aligned with new manufacturing technologies has enabled VetSpec’s Veterinary Surgeons and Nutritionists to develop innovative ways of incorporating our high specification supplements into super-premium high-meat dry dog foods without the micronutrient (e.g. vitamins) damage that can be caused by traditional high temperature manufacturing processes.

We have also developed two new ultra-low calorie complete dog foods to help you control the weight of dogs which tend to get too fat on ordinary dog food. There is one for all types of dog and a special one including our outstanding veterinary specification joint supplement for older dogs.

From the dog owners’ point of view, this means that you can now feed a convenient dry dog food that contains all the benefits of specialised supplements e.g. joint supplements without the problems of trying to mix dry powders or liquid supplements with a dry kibble. This is a considerable saving for you the dog owner in time and also in the costs of buying two separate products that have to be mixed together.


From your dogs’ perspective they will have a consistent, palatable and delicious high-quality daily feed that ensures they receive all the help from nutritional support they need to have a long, healthy and happy life. All the dogs photographed in this brochure, as in all VetSpec advertising, are fed VetSpec products and I hope you agree that they all look exceptionally well.

This new brochure will give you a lot more detail about how the new VetSpec Super-Premium complete dog foods can make life better for you and your dogs. If you have any reason to seek further help and advice about the feeding or management of your dogs you can be assured of a warm welcome and very individual advice from one of the team at VetSpec.

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